There are presently available a number of small, portable GPS tracking devices that you can easily carry with you when you are out of range of cell phone service. Since these devices use satellite connectivity, they work from almost anywhere on the globe. They give you a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when and where you need it.

In an emergency the alert system built into the tracking devices will notify emergency services that you need assistance and sends your coordinates so they can find you. They also let you periodically check in with someone monitoring your trip to say you're okey. Some even update your progress automatically to friends and family, giving your exact location at specified time intervals.

Prices for a small GPS tracking unit plus a service contract with the satellite service provider are surprisingly affordable; this kind of security is priceless if you need it. Of course you will need to have the service contract in place before departing on your trip. Do an Internet search for 'personal tracking devices' to find latest information and websites of the companies who offer GPS tracking devices and services.

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