Helen compiled notes on all the trips she and Bill undertook. Here is an index of available journal notes along with photographs:

Fifty Days of Sand and Camels - In their latest adventure, Helen and Bill Thayer accompanied a twelve member Berber family as they crossed four desert countries treking miles of the Sahara to link up with extended family members and an improved water supply.

Walking the Gobi - Helen and Bill Thayer trekked through blazing temperatures, sand storms and scorpions to become the first woman and man team to complete the 1,600 mile crossing of the Mongolian Gobi Desert on foot. The Thayer's journal and Helen's photography reveal the day-by-day challenge of coping with the environment the nomads take for granted.

Polar Dream - Helen Thayer was the first woman to solo any of the world's Poles when she walked alone with her Inuit dog Charlie to the magnetic North Pole in 1988. She traveled un-resupplied without dog teams or snowmobiles. This is the record of the adventure using Helen's words from her journal and her subsequent book, Polar Dream, along with striking photos she took on the trip.

3 Among the Wolves - Bill and Helen Thayer lived for a year with wild wolves in the far reaches of the Canadian Yukon above the Arctic Circle. While there have been many excellent studies of captive wolves and studies of wolves in natural settings it was the Thayer's ambition to live a year close to a den of wild wolves to study their life style and behavior. They were accompanied by Charlie, their part wolf-dog of magnetic North Pole fame.